Mathematical component

To meet the needs of the ecological and mathematical component of the Observatory of Environmental Safety Resource Center, the plan is to create multimedia auditoriums with modern facilities such as interactive whiteboards and equipment for presentations, in particular,  document cameras, projectors, and interactive tablets. Installation of a video conferencing system and a video wall will make it possible to view the simulated situations, to exchange data between different branches of the center, and to discuss problems and possible outcomes of collaborative work. The Research Laboratory will be equipped with modern generation computers powerful enough to be able to solve the required tasks. Specialized software will be used in various applications associated with analysis and processing of information obtained from lidar network, mathematical modeling of pollutant spread and situational modeling of environmental pollution processes.
Comsol MultiPhysics software makes it possible to solve a problem in both mathematical (in the form of equations) and physical (the choice of physical models, such as diffusion process) formulation. TreeagePro software with the TreeagePro Healthcare module provides a possibility to build decision trees, carry out sensitivity analysis (1-, 2-, and 3-way sensitivity analysis and tornado diagram), to simulate possible outcomes with the help of Monte Carlo simulation, to do risk assessment, and to evaluate environmental damage and information costs. Anylogic software help to run different simulations of ecological processes.
Using AnyLogic allows modelling complex systems and processes by applying different kinds of situation modelling paradigms. Moreover, the software has powerful tools for model visualization, with multimedia equipment for presentation it allows to efficiently present models with rich visual and text data.