Bioelectronic component

Bioelectronic complex is intended for carrying out research on environmental biomonitoring to provide information, in particular real-time data, on changes in the condition of the environment. The complex is equipped with a set of ecotrons intended for long-term maintenance of marine, freshwater, and terrestrial invertebrates with hard outer covering (shell-bearing mollusks and crustaceans):


With this equipment it is possible to conduct basic research in the field of environmental physiology and ecotoxicology of benthic invertebrates and to assess the biological effects associated with human impacts on aquatic ecosystems. The use of biological methods allows the toxicological risks levels for natural and biologically treated wastewater to be objectively assessed in the real time.
The original fiber-optic bioelectronic methods and systems developed by the authors of this project underlay the elaboration of innovative technologies for real-time industrial biomonitoring of the environmental safety of natural and treated wastewater, which have gained widespread adoption.